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Tooling (Award Toolmaking)

McKenna Precision Castings has its own in-house facility for the design, manufacture and refurbishment of wax injection tools.

The Award Toolmaking facility is located within its own building at the Worksop site. This means that all customer requirements regarding tooling design, development and manufacture can be controlled without the uncertainty and time delay involved in using an external tooling supplier.


Award is equipped for the following:

Tool Design

Tooling is manufactured in aluminium, brass and steel using industry standard machinery and software.

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • EDM (Spark Erosion)
  • Surface Grinding
Design Software

With the latest 3D modelling software complex 3D surfaces are achieved using:

  • MasterCam
  • Wild fire (ProEngineer)
  • SolidWorks software

Significant cost savings are achieved by the ability to utilise customers existing 3D (CAD) models. Using the software listed above Award can work with the following file extensions.

Casting Design

McKenna Precision Castings can work in conjunction with businesses, surgeons, inventors and other entrepreneurs to produce initial designs for their products and the casting process.

Our Designers can produce the initial 2D drawings and 3D models for the production of rapid proto-types and subsequent tooling that will be required for production. This makes Mckenna Precision Castings a one-stop shop and enables us to take projects from conception right through to production.

Tool Refurbishment and Modification

Due to the expected wear that occurs on tools, Award is well equipped and resourced to provide tooling refurbishment and modification.

Other Services

For further details on any information listed above, please contact McKenna Precision Castings on 01909 541414. Alternatively you can make an enquiry via our Contact Form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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