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McKenna Precision Castings engineering capabilities include the development of new parts and the continued improvement of existing parts for new or existing customers.

Our key to success is being able to engineer bespoke castings originating from a unique drawing, developing not only a dimensionally accurate, metallurgical precise casting, but also a cosmetically pleasing product.


A Business Philosophy design to Achieve Success!

Because we maintain a philosophy of continuous improvement, our Engineers are constantly innovating production methods in response to new techniques, machinery and changing standards. This makes McKenna Precision Castings a very competitive, versatile and responsive company.

The Engineering team in conjunction with the Systems and Quality Department focus on the manufacturing methods and process controls for all castings. This includes tolerances, operation times, batch sizes, numerous process control checks and types of runners that can best manage metal flows when casting.

During the engineering stage the customer is heavily involved with the development of their parts and has a key role in the decisions that are made about the process, quality and product design.

Once samples have been manufactured our Engineers inspect the castings and review the process. Parts are checked for quality against very tight standards and specifications along with strict reject and rework limits. Stringent testing of all aspects involved within the manufacture of castings ensures that we manufacture a product of the highest quality, without compromise.

Once happy with the samples our customers are required to complete a Sample Approval Sheet. Once this stage is completed the castings will be ready for manufacture by McKenna Precision Castings.

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