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Medical Castings

McKenna Precision Medical Castings product range consists of Generic Products and Bespoke Products
Generic Products

We manufacture and stock a range of cobalt chrome orthopaedic products for the generic market. This range can be supplied according to the customer’s requirements in an “as cast” state or completed to a “fully finished” and sterile packed state with certification and documentation included.

Generic products include:

  • Austin Moore and Thompson Stems
  • Femoral Balls
  • Bi Polar Cups
  • American, Pipped and Osteotomy Staples
  • St. Leger Knees
Bespoke Products

We manufacture bespoke products, to specific customer requirements.

Bespoke products include:

  • Femoral and tibial knee components
  • Femoral hip stems
  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist components
  • Medical instruments
  • Dental implants
  • Canine implants

Medical Castings Products Gallery

Other Products

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