McKenna expands its penetration in Oil & Gas and renewable Sectors

Through dogged determination McKennas have made significant in roads into the oil and gas industry, a course that it set its sights on a relatively short while ago. As a result of continuous improvement to its process McKenna through the quality department managed to attain some very import standards in this industry.

Quality Engineer Maddy Hill, who was herself, a key person in bringing the BP and Norsok accreditations to MPC, commented that ‘these accreditations show that MPC can manufacture to very high standards, recognised by the Norwegian Oil industries and BP and as a result it has opened up new markets for us to compete in’. McKenna has already started supplying customers in the oil and gas industry and this sector has shown exponential growth in their business contributing 40% of their annual revenue.

Darryl Claytor head of Quality added that prior to getting the approval MPC already had the framework for these approvals due to its own stringent and high standard of operation. The move towards Norsok, BOP and FPAL certification made us sharpen our processes further and now we are ranked amongst the best in this industry.

MPC have proven that they have implemented a Quality Management System and possess the capability, skill and understanding to handle the required material grade. The adequate facilities and equipment to manufacture products with acceptable material properties is also a prerequisite for the approval.

Traditionally MPC manufactured components using Cobalt chrome, steel and other alloys and now, because of the Norsok accreditation, use even more complex alloys with full traceability which may be

  • Duplex Stainless Steels
    All Grades, Product Forms and Dimensions
  • High Alloyed Austenitic Stainless Steels
    All Product Forms and Dimensions
  • Nickel Base Alloys
  • Titanium and its Alloys

For MPC keeping the Norsok, BP and FPAL certification means everyone at MPC has to be tuned into the ethos of continuous improvement and quality without compromise a philosophy that the IIP accredited company has easily managed to keep in over 30 years of production.
Article by Liberty Gwitira 15/11/15

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