A right first time philosophy
surpassing expectations

Our continuous improvement ethos ensures we are highly innovative, resulting in the ability to be flexible and responsive to our customers needs ensuring that we deliver products and services at unparalleled quality without compromise.

We pride ourselves on our can do attitude and aim to continually satisfy all our customers requirements with short lead times, on-time delivery and price.

McKenna Precision Castings

McKenna Precision Castings is a manufacturer of precision investment casting components, supplying to a range of high integrity industrial sectors including orthopaedic, medical, commercial, aerospace, defence, oil and gas, and gas turbine. As a medium sized company, McKenna Precision Castings is uniquely placed in the industry to guarantee short lead times, competitive prices and complete responsiveness to customer needs.

Components are manufactured using the lost wax investment casting process, a process in which McKenna Precision Castings has over 30 years experience. Not only does this experience allow us to be extremely flexible in our product range, but also to offer a highly professional service, from receipt of initial enquiry right through to after sales support.

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Ethical and Environmental Policies

We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and have appropriate policies and procedures in place that we adhere to.

Keeping our Promises

Our staff will not willingly enter the company into commitments it cannot fulfil. By keeping our customers constantly updated, we are able to ensure that where unavoidable deviations from agreement are beginning to occur, we can inform our customers in advance.



We will not deliberately mislead our customers, suppliers or associates. We will only share permitted information and be candid and open at all times, our technical advice and opinions will be offered where appropriate.


We believe that integrity is the foundation of commercial success and will not seek to gain competitive advantage using underhanded or socially unacceptable means.


Fairness & Compassion

McKenna Precision Castings Ltd aims to treat all our customers and suppliers in a fair and compassionate way. All contact undertaken by us is done so in a professional and respectful manner. We pride ourselves in our happy workforce and our working client relationships.


Our Team

McKenna Precision Castings currently employs 35 people. As an IIP accredited employer we recruit and continuously train our employees so that they share the company goals and objectives of delivering outstanding performance and first class products.


Meet the Team

Darryl Claytor

Darryl Claytor

Systems Manager


Louise Anderson

Louise Anderson

Finance Manager


Kerry Madin

Kerry Madin



Kirsty Baldwin

Kirsty Baldwin




Our Associations

Cast Metals Federation. For more information visit: www.castmetalsfederation.com
Institute of Cast Metals Engineers. For more information visit: www.icme.org.uk

For further details on any information listed above, please contact McKenna Precision Castings on 01909 541414. Alternatively you can make an enquiry via our Contact Form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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